University Campus "Universität Zürich Nord (Binzmühlestrasse)"

The Symposium venue is located in the north of Zurich at Binzmühlestrasse 14, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland
If you arrive at the airport: The easiest way to get to the workshop venue and the hotels is to take the tram (line 10, direction “Zürich HB”).  Simply follow the signs saying “Tram.”  There are ticket machines and a change machine for euros right outside when you exit the airport.  Buy a ticket to “Zürich” (note that the airport is in a different fare zone than the city of Zurich).

If you arrive by train at Zurich Main Station (Zürich HB), we also recommend to take the tram, either line 10 (direction “Flughafen”) or line 14 (direction “Seebach”). We recommend that you buy a ticket, valid 24 hours for the whole city of Zurich (“Zone 10”).

The tram stops closest to the workshop venue are “Leutschenbach” (served by line 10) and “Bahnhof Oerlikon Ost” (served by lines 10 and 14).  Tram stops are indicated in the above map.  For further information on public transportation please see the ZVV website.

Map of venue

Binzmühlestr. 14, Zürich